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Juice & Smoothie Bar

Radiant Mama Juice & Smoothie Bar is located in the cozy town of Bastrop, Texas, just east of weird, and is Bastrop’s very first cold-pressed juice and smoothie bar! Offering a variety of wellness foods and drinks, supplements and products – there is something for the entire family at our cozy, riverside wellness store.

freshly squeezed juice

Rehydrate with Radiant Mama’s ‘made with love’ cold pressed juices. Boost your nutrition by adding a superfood smoothie bowl to your day or fortify your natural immune system with our small batch herbal supplements. Whatever you walk out with at Radiant Mama, you can relax knowing it’s free from all the things you don’t want in you and your family’s food. We pride ourselves in ensuring that all of our food and products are plant-based, organic, fresh and most importantly – delicious!

dine-in or delivery

Come visit us! Hang out inside or chill out our porch. You can also order Take-out or Delivery ONLINE!

Eco Friendly

We use Good Start Packing, made from plants. Our BPA-Free PET juice bottles are the most recyclable plastic on the planet.

Always Quality

We source fresh, quality ingredients that are healthy, wholesome and non-toxic! Taste and feel the difference!

Elderberry is Queen

Radiant Mama’s collection of elderberry elixirs are a simple way to nourish your immune system daily. Elderberry is truly the queen of the berries! It is clinically proven to be highly anti-viral, a great way to combat seasonal allergies and able to help you recover from illness more quickly. We take your health a step further by adding in strategically formulated blends of herbs to help with stress, sleep, energy, digestion, hormones and more! Check out our entire line of elderberry products!

Sprouted-Grain Toasts

Try our healthy and delicious sprouted grain toasts (always gluten-free)! Watch us pile yummy oat butters, fruit, avocado, nuts, seeds and drizzles over and then devour shamelessly!


A juice cleanse program bundle can be a great way to hit the reset button on your health and nourish your body with easy to absorb nutrients from fresh fruits and veggies! Try one today and feel the difference quickly!

Known health benefits of a 1, 3, 5 or 7 day juice cleanse can include: Healthy weight management, improved digestion, increased natural energy, + brain function, natural intestinal detoxification support, healthy blood cells and heart, increased alkalinity of body’s pH levels, and radiant hair, skin + nails!

A Rainbow of Juices

Natural Energy

Drinking one 16 oz. cold pressed juice each morning can provide you with natural energy to finish your “to-do” list for the day.

Healthy Heart

Drinking cold pressed juice regularly promotes a strong, healthy heart, and clean alkaline blood cells.

Strong Immunity

Cold pressed green juice provides essential minerals and promotes natural detoxification, which supports healthy digestion and a strong immune system.

chill out

Chill out on our back porch overlooking the river with a fresh cold pressed juice or a spectacular smoothie bowl.

About Radiant

Danielle aka “Radiant” has been committed to leading a holistic lifestyle after experiencing her very own personal health crisis back in 2012. It was then she realized the true meaning of holistic wellness and that in order to heal and grow towards her purpose, she first had to begin slowly over time, trading in a toxic lifestyle for clean, longevity focused health habits. Danielle began her juicing journey back in 2012 and felt such a positive difference in her, that she decided to launch Radiant Mama Superfood Juice + Smoothie Bar in effort to spread positivity, hope + wellness in her local community of Bastrop, Texas.

Juicing is for every BODY–Cheers to a more radiant life!”

– Danielle “Radiant”

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RADIANT Gourmet Juice & Smoothie Bar

303 Martin Luther King Jr Dr.
Bastrop, TX 78602
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Tuesday - Friday: 10am - 4pm
Saturday: 9am - 4pm
Sunday + Monday: Closed